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This is Onyx

Onyx is peer-supportive housing for people in early recovery. Our goal is to connect people with resources in the community including outpatient treatment, Alano clubs, food shelves, churches, therapy and good medical care. We suggest that residents complete a minimum 4 month stay because everyone's recovery path is unique and takes time. Some of our expectations include attending meetings, getting a sponsor and maintaining 100% sobriety. 
We approach recovery with compassion and consider each member a part of the Onyx family. 



Founder, Julie and her husband Jim both have witnessed addiction first hand and, through helping their loved ones, noticed a significant gap in care in their community and surrounding communities.

Julie is a registered nurse with experience working in an inpatient dual diagnosis facility. When she started the journey to open recovery homes, her husband was by her side to support her. They, together, have helped numerous people in their journey to recovery. 

 To Check Openings

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